EDCN Excellence Courses

In addition to the curricular and official training, EDCN promotes, annually, the Pre-Ballet Dance Courses, developed for students of the 1st cycle of basic education, with the main objective of providing these age groups with the essential technical bases for a progression of their studies in Dance. Two, other dance training courses, a spring course – Spring Dance Intensive, and a summer course – Summer Dance Intensive, are aimed at a specialized public, whose objectives are fixed in the expansion of knowledge and in the contact with the new languages ​​of Dance inviting figures of recognized merit in the areas to minister, and a Training Course for Dance Accompanist Teachers, which aim to provide information and tools needed to complement their own research.

Guest Dance Teachers 2021/2022
Solange Melo
Mallory Gaudion
Teresa Alves da Silva
Connor Scott
Diana Vieira
Patrícia Henriques 

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