EADCN students perform with “Compagnie Illicite” in Bayonne (France)

As part of their contextual work experience course EADCN students travelled to Bayonne, France on the 11th of March to gain professional work experience with <<Compagnie Illicite>>. under the Direction of ex EADCN Graduate Fábio Lopes, as part of the protocol celebrated between EADCN and <<Compagnie Illicite>>.

The choreographic platform of Bayonne – OLDEAK – consisted of a presentation open to the public of the first rehearsal. After a week of workshops dedicated to the exploration of basco contemporary movement, EADCN students performed excerpts from Olga Roriz´s “Sagração de Primavera” (The Rite of Spring)) and Fabio Lopes´s “OR/3”. “Horizon Danse” (Boucau / Tarnos) directed by Sandra Marty in collaboration with Thierry Martinez also included a presentation of their research into the context of contemporary movement. To finish, excerpts were performed of <<Cie. Bilaka>> directed by Mathieu Vivier, a new creation with choreographer Igor Calogne.