Auditions 22/23
International Students
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Application deadline: April 30 2022

Applicants should have turned 16 years of age

The National Conservatory Dance School welcomes both national and international students.

The school, based in Lisbon, offers a full-time Secondary Education (September-July) in both general and artistic studies.

The curriculum is designed for students who have turned 16 years of age with the highest artistic and technical skills in both classical ballet and contemporary dance, who want to pursue a career as professional dancers.

Our dance training and curriculum concentrate on multidisciplinary technique and style of dancing, required by international dance companies. It includes daily ballet and contemporary classes, as well as additional lessons in pas de deux, classical and contemporary repertoire, composition, music, contemporary duet, character and yoga/pilates.

Students will also receive coaching for auditions, competitions and school performances. Each trimester, the school organizes performances as well as different public events. At the end of the school year, a final performance is presented in one main theatre in Lisbon.

The National Conservatory Dance School offers a recognised dance education at national and international levels. All students graduating from the school will receive an official national diploma or certificate.



6th, 7th and 8th grade

Classical Dance | soft shoes

Barre with balance in retiré, atittude and arabesque:

1 – Pliés;
2 – Battements Tendus;
3 – Battements Fondus;
4 – Adagio with arabesque penché;
5 – Grands Battements;
6 – Extensions – foot in hand / grand écart in 2nd position and in 4th position on both sides.


7 – Battements tendus /jetés with détournés/soutenus/glissades;
8 – Pirouettes combination from 4th and 5th positions, en dehors e en dedans; and in big  poses – attitude, arabesque and à la seconde;
9 – Adagio

Allegro combinations:

10 – Small jumps including echappés in diferente positions, en tournant jumps and batterie
11 – Medium jumps including some of the following steps: assemblés battus, jetés battus, sissonnes ouvertes and fermés, brisés.

For male candidates:

12 – Grand allegro containing cabrioles, entrechat-six e double tour en l’air, grand jeté entrelacé, pirouette à la seconde suivi, déboulés, etc,.

For female candidates | On pointe shoes:

13 – Echappés, retirés, pirouettes en dehors e en dedans;
14 – Grand allegro enchaînement including diagonals with piqués en dehors, en dedans and deboulés.
15 – 8 or 16 fouettés (only 7th and 8th grade candidates).

Contemporary Dance

A contemporary enchaînement or variation (max. 2 minutes).


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