Choreographic Workshops 22′ | Grândola

The EDCN 2022 Choreographic Workshops present themselves as a space for creative enjoyment, where generations and experiences cross, with the primary objective of artistically promoting students, both in terms of technical and interpretive and creative demands. Thus, emphasis was given to the space for choreographic composition and also for training in the context of working with the choreographer and professional dancer Ana Casquilho, a graduate student at EDCN, and currently a reference figure in the universe of European Contemporary Dance.

Within the scope of this Choreographic Workshop, students had the opportunity not only to create, but also, as interpreters, to help in the creative process, work together, understand and anticipate the choreographer’s discourse, in a preview of what their professional career will be.

To all, thank you very much for joining us in our mission to promote Dance as an Art form that elevates Humanity, in such times.

Liliana Mendonça e Paulo Ferreira

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